woensdag 17 augustus 2011

5 ways to more tan!

Hello honey's!

We all wanna be tan! So here are 5 ways to be more tan.

1: Tomatoes and carrots

Both colors we do not reach. But just by eating these 'colors', tomatoes and carrots, you get a tan skin. Carotene in carrot is fact. A substance that is already in your skin, which results in the orange-brown fabric. Drink a nice carrotjuice from your beach chair or nibble a carrot at least a day. The same goes for tomatoes, which provide not only a tan color, in tomato juice are lots ofantioxidants.

2: Work it!

We all know that you are an enthusiast of the sun is more brownBut when the sparrows fall from the roof, you obviously need not have the energy to play tennisor a round hollowTherefore go for a swimthe water you will still tanor enjoy piece of walking in the surf.

3: First barns, then paint

How it works at odd jobsbut as you can see with the brownScrub your body one day before the sunThat way, your skin is not just brownit's also better for your skinThis is because your dead skin cellsallowing the active ingredients ofcreams penetrate the skin better.

4: Nice slither

Do you know the age-old tricksWith olive oil or sun bakeDo not! Today there are many brands of oil by a factor. Of oil you will not only quicker tanit is often still good in a bikiniAfter all fashion models are not always without reason from head to toe rubbed with baby oil.

5: Mirror, mirror on the wall
Has you ever noticed that people who have been skiing with an enviable tan head back? We wantalthough those white sunglasses in your face is not very charmingBack to the moral of the storyyou will quickly brown in the snowThis is because the white of the snowthe sun bouncingIt works with a reflective background such as waterSo choose a white (pebble) beach or relax on an airbed floating in the water.

XXX Barbara.

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