dinsdag 6 september 2011

I want my temporarily tattoo on my tooth.

Hello cuties,

I know, the title... But if you don't believe me, look at this pictures!
You can't believe it! And it's temporarily! 

The 'tooth art' or 'tooth tattoo' comes from Japan. In Japan it's totally hot!

The tattoo is temporarily and in the form of a ladybird, star, hearts, anchors or just a print with a specical glue on your tooth stuck. After a while, it automatically release.

I just ask myself whether in the corners of a tattoo leftovers linger ...
But that's not all! next to the tooth tattoo, there is also a lip tattoo!
Next to the tooth tattoo, there is also a lip tattoo!

On the internet i came to this fun new entry from beauty. A sort of scrap what you can doon your lips, making it seem like you have a tattoo on your lips. No sticky lips, close fitand you have an original print. It is not often seen, but maybe this is a big hit.

There are stickers from all extremesbut you also have some less obvious instancesthere are. Below are a number of different stickers:

Below you see the tattoo with the pink dots:

Here is a girl who's tell you how to put the tattoo on your lips:

I hope you understand! Should you ever wear a lip or tooth tattoo?

XXX Barbara.

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